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Reflection Instructions

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This is your first reading reflection. These are not supposed to be highly time consuming assignments like term papers or lab reports; I only expect a contribution of 100-200 words. I do want to see that you have put some effort and thought into your contribution, however. The difference between this assignment and other discussion board assignments in the past is that this will be a collaborative, peer-reviewed, peer-edited effort. The instructions, therefore, are different depending on whether you are the first, second, third, etc. student to work on the assignment.



First contributor

Choose one of the reading questions and answer it thoroughly. If you find you will have to write a lot in excess of the 100-200 suggested word contribution to complete the answer, first look and see if you can be more concise in your answer and second, find a good stopping place and leave a partial answer for the next contributor.

All other contributors

Do one or any combination of the following in decreasing order of priority:

  • Choose an unanswered question and answer it thoroughly as described in the First contributor instructions
  • Edit, correct, or add to partial or complete answers
  • Write thoughtful follow up questions to answers
  • Answer one or more follow up questions



Remember, I can use the page history to see what each individual has contributed to the course, so don't worry about removing someone else's material or about your material being removed. I can make judgement calls on what text belongs in the answer.


10 pts
Exceeds my expectations for the project
8-9 pts

Meets the expectations for amount of content added;

Obvious that care and higher-level thinking went into contibution as evidenced by:

accuracy & breadth of information,

analysis of answers,

attention to mechanics and spelling, and


6-7 pts
Fails to meet some of the criteria above, e.g. not enough content, abundant mechanical errors and superficial answers
4-5 pts
Fails to meet all of the criteria for 8-9 points but has still contributed.
0 pts
Work not submitted

Take Note: I supply a word limit for overachieving students, so they will know when to stop. The word limit is not a BS cut-off point. I would rather have 100 words of carefully written, thoughtful answers than 300 words of rambling, superficial fluff.


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