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Order: Conifer



(The Pine Family)

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  • Pine needles are arranged in fassicles 
      • Yellow pine:
        • Grouped in needles of two, stiff needles
      • White pine:
        • Groups in needles of 5, flimsy needles
        • Branches are strongly whorled


  • Trees in this family take around three years to fully reproduce. cones take 2 years to fully mature and release seeds 



  1. Pinoideae (Pinus- pines)
  2. Piceoideae (Picea- spruces)
  3. Laricoideae (Cathaya -one species, Larix- larches, Pseudotsuga- douglas firs)
  4. Abietoideae (Psuedolarix- one golden larch, Abies- firs, Cedrus- cedars, Keteleeria, Nothotsuga, Tsuga- hemlocks)


Other Families in Order:

  1. Cupressaceae
  2. Taxaceae
  3. Auracariaceae
  4. Podocapraceae


Field Trip 1

  1. Norway Spruce / Picea abies


Field Trip 2

  1. Norway Spruce / Picea abies


Field Trip 3

  1. Northern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis)
  2. possible identification: Pinus strobus (N.A. White Pine)

    Unknown Fir


Field Trip 5

  1. Pinus strobus, Eastern White Pine  
  2. Pinus rigida, Pitch Pine


Field Trip 7

     1. Himalayan Cedar, Cedrus deodara

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