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Notes  Field Guide MLA Fall 09

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From Week 1:


Plants we do not have pictures of:

Additional Notes:

Tulip Poplar

Liridodendron tulipifera

Family: Magnoliaceae



Ilex sp.     sp.= do not know species

Family: Aquifoliaceae


Silver Maple

Acer saccharinum

Family: Sapindaceae


White Ash

Fraxinus americana

Family: Oleaceae (olive family)



Platanus occidentalis

Family: Platanaceae


  • Common suffix for all plant families: "aceae"
  • First letter of Genus capitalized; first letter of epithet lowercase
  • Scientific names in italics or underlined (they should be underlined on quizzes!)
  • From most broad to most specific:

                    - Order

                    - Family



  • Three main groups of flowering plants:

                    1) Monocots

                    2) Dicots

                    3) Magnoliids (more primitive plants; evolved earlier)


  • Buds determine where the leaf starts
  • All maples have opposite leaves
  • Fruit= an organ with seeds in it
  • Fountain shaped crowns= Elms
  • Pin Oaks have lower branches that splay out like a skirt



From Week 2:





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Dr. McMillan said

at 5:05 pm on Sep 5, 2009

to add more rows to the table, just hit a tab in the lowermost/rightmost cell, to add a column, right-click and select insert column

Dr. McMillan said

at 5:06 pm on Sep 5, 2009

You'll find that many of my former students have already made pages for individual families and species. Try to remember to add a link to them.

bcc005@... said

at 2:33 pm on Sep 11, 2009

How did the notes get in here? tee hee. Who moved them? See you all tomorrow!

kmf007 said

at 8:17 pm on Sep 11, 2009

Im sure it was something I did when I tried to edit something. After I did it, it just looked weird. I hope it's not a forever thing.

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