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Flower Anatomy

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Types of Flowering Plants:





Petal- A modified Leaf


Gynoecium- Female Reproductive Parts of Flower

  • Carpels make up pistil(s)
    • Is made up of:
      • Stigma
      • Style
      • Ovary


Androecium- Male Reproductive Parts of Flower

  •     Generally has a stalk, or filament with an anther on top
    • Pollen (haploid gametophyes) sacs are called microsporangia


Flowering Plants/Trees:





Anther: Contains pollen, male reproductive cell

Filament: holds anther

Calyx: all the sepals

Sepal: Small leaves under the flower

Peduncle: Stem

Ovule: Female reproductive cell, will become seed when fertilized by anther's pollen

Ovary: Female reproductive organ

Style: Tube connecting ovary to stigma

Stigma: Recieves pollen during fertilization

Pistil: Ovary, Style, Stigma make up the pistil. More than one pistil

Carpel: More than one pistil, fused together

Stamen: Anther and Filament make up the stamen



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