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Page history last edited by Kayon 11 years, 4 months ago

Field Trip 1Eaton Hall Window, 01/27/09

Field Trip 2McDaniel Campus, 01/29/09

Field Trip 3McDaniel Campus, 02/10/09

Field Trip 4Big Pipe Creek, Hashawha, 02/12/09

Field Trip 5:  Gunpowder River Trail, 02/26/09

Field Trip 6:  Singleton-Matthews Farm, 03/05/09

Side Trip 1: TSC, 03/05/09

Field Trip 7:  McDaniel Campus, 03/10/09

Field Trip 8:  Bear Branch, Lake Hashawha, 03/12/09

Field Trip 9:  Morgan Run NEA, 03/24/09

Field Trip 10:Piney Run Park, 03/26/09

Field Trip 11: Big Pike Creek, Hashawha, 03/31/09

Field Trip 12: Soldier's Delight & Simonds Nursery, 04/02/09

Washington PowerPoint: Eaton, 04/07/09

Field Trip 13: Ivy Hill Trails, 04/09/09

Field Trip 14: McDaniel Campus, 04/14/09

Field Trip 15: Union Mills Trail, Saw Mill Road, 04/16/09

Field Trip 16: Harvey Stone, McD Campus, 04/21/09

Field Trip 17: Gunpowder Falls State Park: Hereford Area South Trail, 04/23/09

Field Trip 18: We scream for Hoffman's Icecream!! :) 04/28/09

Field Trip 19: Hoffmansville Woods, 04/30/09

Field Trip 20: Review Day Around McDaniel, 05/05/09


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