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Field Trip 17

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Gunpowder South Trail


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1. Caltha palustrus - Yellow Marsh Marigold Ranunculaceae


2.  Fallopia japonica - Mexican Bamboo or Japanese Knotweed Polygonaceae


3.  Erythronium americanum - American Trout Lily  Liliaceae

4.  Hepatica americana - Roundlobe Hepatica  Ranunculaceae

5.  Uvularia sessilifolia - Sessil leaf bellwort  Colchicaceae

6.  Claytonia virginica - Virginia Spring Beauty  Portulacaceae

7.  Houstonia caerulea - Bluet or Forget Me Not  Rubiaceae


Mystery Shrubs

1.  Viburnum rafinesquianum - Downy Viburnum (fuzzy leaves) Adoxaceae


2.  Spirea corymbosa - Corymbed Spirea - Birchleaved Meadowsweet  Rosaceae



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