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3 Oct 09: McDaniel Golf course

Page history last edited by Christi Pilachowski 10 years, 10 months ago

Yellow vine like fruit

Asian Bittersweet

Celastrus orbiculatus

Family: Alastraceae

Vines can be made into a wreath

Young leaves pointy

Mature leaves round and curvy



Burdock fruits- brown prickly/sticks to clothing/like a thistle


Arctium sp?

Family: Asteraceae


Red Elm

Ulmus rubra

Family: ?

jadded edges/fuzzy top to leaf



Black Locust

Robinia pseudoascia

Family: Fabaceae

opposite leaves



English Ivy

Hedera ilex

Family: Araliaceae

juvenile and adult shaped leaves

carot family




European Wey    Who are you?

Taxus baccta

Family: Taxaceae

Found in graveyards/cementary trees

flat needles come to a point

multi trunk tree




Family: Pologaceae

lettuce like leaves

*** DO Not need know!!!



Evening Primrose

Oenethera  sp?

Family: ?




Populus deltoides

Family: Salicaceae

Spade like leaves/triangular shape

live near creeks




Winged Sumac

Ruse copallina

Family: Anacardiaceae

red berries

berries can be made into tea




Cornus foermina

Family: ?





Genus:   ?          sp: ?

Family: Aquilfaceae




Cat tails

Typhalatifolia  sp:?

Family: Typhaceae

lives in water

roots are starchy

brown hotdog female flowers/fruit



Common Apple Tree

Malus domestica

Family: Rosaceae

Mal= Bad




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Christi Pilachowski said

at 6:50 pm on Oct 5, 2009

Dr. McMillan
Please check my information. I also wasn't sure which ones we needed to know for next week. So I included them all. I am missing some species and family names.

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