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Week 8 (Hashawa)

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1)     Saxifraga virginiensis


        Early Saxifrage

        This plant's Latin name means "stone breaker," and refers to the fact that it often grows in the cracks of rocks.  Its small, white flowers

        grow in clusters.

2)     Gallium aparine



        This plant belongs to the coffee family, and is covered in hooks that act like velcro.  It also has whorled leaves.

3)     Lamium purpureum


        Dead Nettle

        This member of the mint family does not really have an aromatic scent.  Its flowers look similar to those of Glechoma hederacea, but its

        leaves are purple at the top of its stalks.

4)     Trifolium praetense


        Red Clover

        This clover has a purple, pom-pom looking flower, and gets much taller than its relative, White Clover. 

5)     Stylophorum diphyllum


        Wood Poppy

        This poppy has yellow sap, yellow, four-petaled flowers, and hairy stems and leaves.


6)     Gaultheria procumbens



        Leaves resemble Kalmia latifolia, but the plant is a low ground cover.  Leaves have a wintergreen taste/scent.

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